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Personal Training

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Trainings by appointment only!
We require a
24 Hour cancellation notice!
Equipment Orientation
Equipment orientation is included when you sign up for a 3 Month or more Membership! We understand how overwhelming it can be joining a gym so we include a customize equipment training to get you started.
Trainings by appointment only.

Are you interested in 1 on 1 Personal Training?
Our trainers will help improve your overall health & fitness level. Trainers help maintain accountabilty so you stay on track with your fitness goals. We make sure you stay in perfect form to prevent injury and give you that push you need. We help you stay motivated to help you reach your goals.
Training Packages
    1/2 Hour Session-        $50
    1 Hour Session-           $70
  6-1/2 Hour Sessions-     $250
   10-1/2 Hour Sessions-   $380 
    20-1/2 Hour Sessions-   $700  
  6-1 Hour Sessions-       $375
 10-1 Hour Sessions-     $550
 20-1 Hour Sessions-     $1100


Our Personal Trainers
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Stacey Mercure

Stacey Mercure is owner and operator of CHFitness. She has been into fitness since the young age of 12. She has been a NFPT personal trainer for over 20+years. She has competed in several bodybuilding competitions including Bikini, Figure, FitBody and most recently Wellness Division. She loves helping people reach their fitness goals. She specializes in the following...


-Strength Building

-Weight Loss Program

-Competiton Prep

-Womens Weight Training


Luidgi Lezeau

My name is Luidgi Lezeau and I’m 29 years old. I've lived in Vermont for 9 years. I graduated from UVM and moved to Irvine, California where I worked at a Golds Gym for 3 years as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.

I moved back to Vermont to pursue my career independently. When I’m not working I love to spend time with my 2 huskies hiking, swimming, camping. I am an avid skier so most my weekends you will probably catch me on the mountains looking for some fresh powder.


Darren Curler

Darren Curler, a seasoned trainer with 17 years of experience, excels in various fitness domains. Specializing in bodybuilding, weight loss, corrective exercises, postural assessments, body recomposition, strength and conditioning, as well as sports performance enhancement, Darren brings a wealth of knowledge to help clients achieve holistic fitness transformations. His expertise spans a wide spectrum, ensuring tailored programs that address individual needs and goals.

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