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Personal Training

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Training Packages
1/2 Hour Session -          $50
Hour Session -                 $70
  6-1/2 Hour Sessions -     $250
 10-1/2 Hour Sessions -   $380 
20-1/2 Hour Sessions-    $700  
  6-1 Hour Sessions -       $375
10 -1 Hour Sessions -     $550
20 -1Hour Sessions-      $1100
8 Week Competition Prep-$1200
12 Week Competition Prep-$1600
Trainings by appointment only!
We require a
24 Hour Cancellation Notice!


Jump Start Program
Included when you sign up for a membership!

We understand how overwhelming it can be joining a gym so we include two personal trainings to get you started. The first training we discuss goals, injuries, diet and any concerns. The next training we review your custom program. This is perfect to get you motivated!

Are you interested in Personal Training?
Our trainers will help improve your fitness and overall health. Sit down with one of our trainers to evaluate your personal needs and goals. Every body is different and so will each program. We work with you to customize your goals.




Each traininig is Customized but here are a few program ideas 

Rock & Roll Flexibility Training          

Learn to use the foam roller and Yoga straps to help stretch out tight, sore muscles. Help reduce stress with flexibility  training.

 3-1/2 Hour $99

60 Day Sexy Slim Down                        

Give us two months to help you create and maintain habits to develop a new lifestyle. You will get 3 different programs to stimulate change in your body. Weekly checkins on nutrition also will help develop life long changes. 

6-1 Hour Trainings- $300

Beginner Jump Rope   

Jumping Rope is a low impact workout that trains the entire body and burns tons of fat. This training will teach you jump rope basic skills. 

 3-½ Hour Training's-$99

Kick/A$$ /Jump Rope

This combination of exercises is awesome! We start you out on basic kickboxing. We will go over proper form on stance, punches and kicks.Then we blast the heart rate even more with jump rope. We'll show you basic foot work and speed drills with the rope. We finish the training with a focus on the glutes with both body weight and machines.

6-1 Hour Trainings- $300

Detox Sugar-End the Cravings!           

We know how hard it is to give up sweets. Chances are your nutrition is off and because of that you have certain sugar cravings. We will help you figure out your triggers and get you on a more balanced diet.

3-½ Hour Trainings-$99

Bosu Balance Training 

The older we get it's so important to have better balance for fall prevention. It's important to keep the nervous system stimulated. This training will challenge your balance by using the Bosu trainer. 

3-½ Hour Trainings-   $99

Battle Rope Fat Blaster                       

If you need a fat blaster that works the arms, abs and even the legs try this battle rope training. Increase your heart rate to burn tons of fat. This training will show you basic skills to add into your regular training program.

3-½ Hour Trainings-   $99

Build Bigger Guns 

Do you want more definition in your arms? Do you want to build bigger biceps and triceps? This training combines drop sets and super sets to help stimulate growth to contour and build the arms.            3-1/2 Hour Trainings-  $99


These three body parts are the most requested so we thought we'd give a combination training. We will combine several different exercises to shock the muscles to help them get stimulated and grow.                                       

6-½ Hour Trainings-  $199

Baby Got Back   

This training adds muscle and girth to the entire back. There is a combination of both machines and dumbbells. Learn to do drop sets and super sets to promote change.

6-1 Hour Trainings-    $300

Elite Transformation Package 

This is the ultimate training package. You have the option of working with a trainer 2 or 3 times a week. We will challenge you with a program that continually changes. Remember if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you.         

20-1 Hour Trainings-  $999

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